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Riding on bicycles is better than shopping

A glorious blue skied day, bicycles, weird music, a Saturday and um, The Arndale Centre?

~”Karao-e c o” @ Cycle Chester~

Wheeling-wailing in action!

We thought we’d pull out some extra stops for part one of two of our pedal injections into Bike Week– by furiously finishing our new workshop combining pedal power and karaoke (appropriately named Karao-eco) to deliver + encourage the people of Chester to put down their shopping bags, let loose, sing loud + abolish all… Read more »

**BIKE LAB : community cycling website**


Magnificent Revolution have done another amazing thing: “We are pleased to announce the launch of Bike Lab – a new home for all things pedal powered. The community site will allow you to share upcoming bicycle events, upload images and videos of your projects, as well as provide a forum and blog for you to share… Read more »

**Stockport Loves Bikes**

Stockport loves Bikes Front

5th June is World Environment Day, and Stockport will be celebrating with its “Stockport Loves Bikes” event in St. Peter’s Square.