**e c o : weekenda : supporting the 10:10 campaign**

Shaking steps

This suspiciously fun and intriguing sounding weekend was placed in good timing of the national 10:10 climate campaign.. Eco Salsa? Never thought we would hear the day! But there we were- for a whole weekend of it! It’s funny what small decisions you make in life or random conversations you have with strangers that eventually… Read more »

>>C Y C L O G E D D O N is C O M I N G<<


The annual MINI FEST brought to you by I Bike MCR is wondrously on it’s way! This year it runs from Sunday 25th right through till the following Sunday 31st therefore meaning there’s a whole ferocious week of terrifying bike antics : l i t e r a l l y : there will be… Read more »

**L I V E A R T : LIVE ART**

Promo poster

As part of the Free For Arts Festival– our friends at Akemi put on a truly splendid show last night at Contact Theatre. The joint was awash with a full on fascinated + intrigued audience, all intently listening (to beautiful music from the wonders of Honeyfeet + Rik Warren) or waving (LEDS about as part… Read more »