~~ A really long bicycle ride ~~

Somewhere in Sweden, I think we were lost

One of our team, our Dan, is about to embark on a really big bicycle ride. On the 4th June 2011, he + three other lads will venture far up north to the tip of Scotland to begin an intensely challenging ride right down to the tips of Cornwall : a.k.a John O’ Groats to… Read more »

—ENVIROLUTION : returns : 18th June to PLATT FIELDS PARK!!—


WOW, we thought last years Envirolution was exciting, but now that this year it is returning once again to our beloved Platt Fields Park we are brimming with biking joy! It’s going to be cozily lurking amongst the green trees, herbs + tranquil space of the appropriately named  Eco Garden-

**Call for : Submissions of short films**

Call for : short film submissions

Oh joy! The evenings are getting warmer + we can play out on our bicycles later wearing t-shirts and alas, set up our brand new pedal powered cinema rig and show some beautiful films at dusk. Smash pedal wollop, for sure it will be the power of the feet that enable this enchanting weekend of… Read more »