Platt Fields went really E C O

The Spokes Bicycle Dance Troupe

The team at Platt Fields Park were all very excited when the Envirolution crew established plans to lay on their environmental extravaganza festival within the luscious green borders of this fine heart shaped space. Huge circus tents and imaginatively creative¬† interesting stands began, fascinating workshops and discussions started stampeding into action and the wonderful familiar… Read more »

> > Pedal Powered Cinema @ Lost + Found Festival < <


We were delighted to be given a chance to launch our freshly built pedal powered cinema at Lost + Found Festival- an exciting new festival of performance and impromptu art which was randomly popping in unlikely locations across the city for a week, to surprise + delight the accidental audiences. On trams + in basements… Read more »

** Bicycle Village **


Every now and then, beautiful bicycle events happen. Bringing together all of the bike groups in Manchester and beyond, Bicycle Village was created in order to raise a load of cash for The Children’s Adventure Farm Trust who do unbelievable things for really deprived + disadvantaged children in the North West.. We laid on some… Read more »