..well perhaps not that many but we sure were SUBLIMELY SWAMPED in singing cyclists! Swarms of eager young ladies huddled around our tent eagerly awaiting to perform with their pedal powered bands which they had formed. This was the official launch of Karao-eco: it was Fusion Festival a.k.a The Girl Guides national Centenary celebratory event. We were very happy to be invited by our friends Manchester International Arts to put on some pedal power as it meant we got to work alongside some of the most talented and extravagantly spectacular street theatre performers and rigs in the world!

The mass volume of excited girls made for a PERFECT participating crowd for our colourfully crammed little pedal tent (loyally JUST about keeping out the sporadic potentially damaging rain drenchings). An hour before we were due to start we already had our first line of eager performers- and amongst the many newly formed pedal bands that jumped on the bikes there were lots of pleasantly wonderful singers going all out with their performances- complete with synchronized bicycle dances, funny jokes and adoring encouraging audiences. We were totally loving the positive mentality of these wonderful groups of girls- getting right stuck in, ignoring the rain and whole-heartedly supporting one another in the unusual set of circumstances they’d found themselves in!

Understandably the way it is working at these events you’re rarely lucky enough to witness any of the other monumentous acts performing- but the finale of the day was taking place right above our very heads- in the form of two huge white balloons each with a suspended ballet dancer swinging and swooshing and moving beautifully to loud hypnotizingly stunning music in front of the stately Harewood House and completely wowing the awe struck girls (+us!) gaping up in disbelief!

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