PPP + The Spokes

F I N A L L Y : is Spring here, then? Setting up the event in the rain that morning, it sure didn’t feel like it… But to our wonder, the skies stop being pests + let us get on with our first event of the season : HOLI, LEAP into SPRING + COLOURFUL WOMEN = 3 events in one. Put on by PPP’s other strand, PoWWow Arts + The Friends of Platt Fields, this event was programmed as part of International Women’s Day (hence, Colourful Women).

Fusing wonderful celebrations between these three events, we really did get the community out playing care-free for the afternoon- laying on workshops like seed sowing, mural painting, drumming, biscuit making + rangoli. We also built an ad-hoc, but appropriately colourful stage to host the full on line-up of amazingly talented women- from Bollywood dancing, to drumming + circus dances, beautiful performances from an array of musicians and we were also very pleased to host The Spokes Bicycle Dance Troupe– who wowed the crowd + made a stamp on this marvellous celebratory women’s day. In between all of the acts, and spectacularly so, were booming bhangra beats; hoards of energised people of all ages + cultures DRENCHED in every shade of paint + jumping around, making friends + leaping onto shoulders. WHAT a sensational spectacle! + to be predominantly powered by the feet of our audience, completed our all ambitions for this community-made event. HAPPY SPRING EVERYONE!!!

Film of the event coming soon!

What is Holi though? Find out here!


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