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Creatures of the Night : A Pedal Powered evening of H O R R O R

It started like this

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Around 70 kids appeared, as if from nowhere. The evening was unexpectedly beautiful + barmy, so we played games outside for an hour, then ventured into the spooky depths of the Boathouse. We’d be making creepy sculptures for it all week with the local kids during half term so it’d been turned into a sinister haven. We fired up the pedals + played endless music orientated games in order to tire them all out so they’d be long gone when the real horror started..

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The darkness set in so it was soon time to hook the bicycles up to the many large scale lanterns we’ve been making over the last month. As the pedals started spinning, out of nowhere, these huge creatures [a peacock, an owl, a stag + a wild boar] hummed into life and if feet tired, the lanterns would dull in + out, as if they were sinister breathing life forms unsettling the spooky atmosphere. Plus, we seemed to have endless volunteers from eager kids who still weren’t tired yet – we were running behind on our horrific pedal powered showreel!

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Outside, The Circushouse Collective were spinning fire + stilt walking around the lake, but inside the atmosphere had chilled somewhat. The bicycles were now powering the breathing creatures + our VJ rig we’d made for the occasion. Live sinister music accompanied the unsettling flickering images that were moving around the room. All of a sudden, any kids still remaining were shipped home to bed + the evening got a whole lot darker.

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The vegan BBQ was raging hot + the Critical Mass massive arrived, adding another blissful 100 bicycles or so to our already handsome collection. People gathered about chattering beneath hundreds of lanterns we’d made + conversing with the strolling spooky acts that were patrolling the area [pictured, above]. A circle of flames appeared out of nowhere and within it performed 12 members of the Spokes Bicycle Dance Troupe, who laid on a themed act for everyone to enjoy.

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It was the biggest test our rig had ever had. We were now powering lanterns, lighting, music + now the show reel was squealing into action with some home made horror movies made by local film makers. Many of the actors were present, so there was plenty of cheering + screaming + applaudingĀ  going on. One of the PPP team made a film especially for the event, it was all shot in Platt Fields, and you can watch it here if you like!

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The live music began + the roof of the Boathouse started trembling with great elated energy. And all the musicians began piling onto our peculiar little stage and it evolved into one huge pedal powered jam session.

Same time again next year, if we’ve recovered.

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