The evening twinkled in golden sunlight as PoWWow and The Manchester Film Co-op set up our unusual outdoor living room. Sprawled all the way up to the lake, our rows of found seating implements promised a good turn out. “How many people are you expecting?” asked my partner in pedal crime, as I kept adding more quirky seats to our cinema. A brief moment of doubt crossed my mind that perhaps I was being too expectant, but soon the lakeside was awash with eager cyclists who’d joined us from the Critical Mass Bike Ride and the sunny tunes were fully in motion, alongside the pedals of course.


The Teatime Collective were already dishing out delicious vegan and fully gourmet burgers to the hungry cyclists and eventually, dusk set in. We reeled off a collection of short bike films; some of which had been made by local members of the bicycle community but others looked into international Critical Mass movements and provided great interest for our wheeling crowd. Soon it was time for our feature film; Bag It ~ a creative environmental documentary of the disturbing and unknown facts about plastic. We weren’t sure how the film would go down with a Friday night crowd, but people hunkered down onto their recycled bean bags + skipped sofas for an evening of education. The post film discussions were still in full effect by midnight, as we considered how we might be able to help instigate changes of plastic behaviour here in Manchester. For anyone who’s interested ~ 8th Day Food Co-op are running a campaign of their own and welcoming involvement from across the board.


Watch this space for our next instalment of pedal powered cinema ~ coming to an open space near you!

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