Every now and then, beautiful bicycle events happen. Bringing together all of the bike groups in Manchester and beyond, Bicycle Village was created in order to raise a load of cash for The Children’s Adventure Farm Trust who do unbelievable things for really deprived + disadvantaged children in the North West.. We laid on some pedal powered tunes to accompany an awash of bicycle activities- including guided rides, cycle cinema, mechanics sessions, bike art exhibition, bicycle smoothies, bicycle museum, training sessions, live music + an incredible bicycle auction- where a load of broken bikes had been donated to Arak at The Bike Barn (+organiser of the day) who spent months fixing them to flog on to help with fundraising. Despite the horrific weather for the first half of the event, people still braved it over to come get involved + were rewarded with a sudden splurge of sun that finally drenched us with gold into the afternoon + accompanied PoWWow Pedal Power home for a disastrous journey with bicycle trailers missing crucial parts + taking the load of an extra recently purchased vintage auction bike!

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