Day two of our pedal fuelled weekend rolled into Sunday as we welcomed another promising day of community focussed fun.

The afternoon developed into a busy buzzling Boathouse pulse that we hope will mark the first of many for the season. We had Coffee Cranks Co-op wheeling up with their cargo bike coffee cart to keep everyone suitably caffeinated and skippy for the day [as if we needed any help really, but the hot drinks sure went down well with the sweet treats that were on sale by Ruthalicious Cakes yum yum]. We had free bike fixing laid on by Revolve MCR that saw a nice range of rusty poorly steeds get given a new life right before their owner’s eyes. We had Envirolution laying on a feast of creative workshops forming a nice warm up to their approaching festival on 24th May; with clusters of carefully considered young artists scrupulously designing and painting their signage that will be installed at the event at the end of the month. Over 200 people wandered in and out of our little event over the afternoon and as we saw the finishing time come + go, we saw the bustle continue organically into the early evening. We realise people are so thirsty for hubs like this as passers by would get engrossed with the workshops and stay for hours, there is such a gap that has been formed from all the cuts and reductions in community development but we fully intend to alleviate that absence this season.

Fun day poster

Promo poster :)

10Coffee Cranks Cargo Coffee Bike

19Revolve MCR in action doing some free bike fixing…

39Our best pedaller from the day – young Joe was powering the music for about six hours – go Joe!


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