Call for : short film submissions

Oh joy! The evenings are getting warmer + we can play out on our bicycles later wearing t-shirts and alas, set up our brand new pedal powered cinema rig and show some beautiful films at dusk. Smash pedal wollop, for sure it will be the power of the feet that enable this enchanting weekend of short film magic to happen- and smack in the centre of this fine city on t w o consecutive nights : a treat we’re sure, it will be! We’re teaming up with Lost + Found Festival, which is a week long, free fandango of performance and intrigue happening all over the city in luxuriously unlikely places. There’ll be guerrilla theatre, flash mobs, opera  and heaps of music + dance going down.. We’re going to be firing up some pedal powered films made by local film makers, which finally brings us to the point : WE WOULD LIKE YOUR FILMS! No real spec- just short. Drop them in to Contact Theatre– f.a.o Lost + Found and they should eventually find their fine way onto the projections at twilight.  You will need to get these handed in by the end of May so we can concoct a show reel  in time for the events on Friday 10th June : Bridgewater Hall Piazza 7pm onwards + Saturday 11th June : 9pm onwards. Ace : can’t wait to see your movies!

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