There’s something about the fact that it always rains in Manchester that makes community event days in the sunshine better than ever. We were so bold in our rig-up that we didn’t even bother with the gazebo; the sun shone down on green friendly buzzing Chorlton all day long as we welcomed hoards of pedallers onto our bikes to make the fun music play for the day. As usual when working at these treat events, we don’t get to see much of what else is going on, but from what we understood there spilled a plethora of community stands, workshops and environmentally charged circulating inspiration; topped off with delicious stands selling veggie vegan delights.

As the sun rolled into the late afternoon it was time for the Spokes Bicycle Dance Troupe to begin their new line-up performance – this forms one of our favourite partnerships in the pedalling world – to power the music on bikes for a performance about bikes by bike enthusiasts is really quite something that we like to smile about. The crowd were engaged from start to finish and the women put on a great show.

The promise of a full summer of community biking lies ahead; join us! Don’t forget to keep up to speed with us on Twitter

Click here to have a better peak into the depths of what the Cholton Big Green Happening is all about..


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