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Just in case the posters are a bit higgle-de-piggledy; here’s a brief menu for the much anticipated approaching evening :

5pm-6.30pm : Kiddie friendly ferocious fun [must be accompanied by an adult] : A chance to have a peek at all the scary sculptures we’ve been making with the half term kiddies all week P L U S : Pedal powered party games a plenty – prizes, of course, slurpings + munchings + a short spooooky movie

6.30pm-we get told to stop : Terrifying entertainment for oldies : Expect to be in store for pedal powered g[a]lore in every shape + form; creature lantern illuminations [some of them prowling around], live VJing + music making, short spooky films made by local talents, strolling circus performances, torch lit art trails, live music + more + more.

This is a first ever; for pedal power, for Platt Fields, for Manchester, for anywhere ! So come be a part of something very special….


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