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HAPPY NEW YEAR !! We hope you had wonderful bicycle adventures over the crispy cold season for sure…

We at PPP are looking forward to a 2014 filled with cycling adventures to share in our usual community style.

Launching this month is our new documentary film : Cycling Snippets in MCR 2014.

We will be riding around the city with a video camera taking footage of as many different biking projects / clusters / teams / groups as possible in an attempt to record snippets of all the biking brilliance that is happening in our city. If the film can identify gaps in our riding amenities, then we would like to address logistical solutions. There are so many exciting cycling nuggets doing their thing; from voluntary grassroots projects to sponsored teams, to funded larger organisations; we want to visit as many of them as possible.

Follow our progress and feed into the film : #cyclingsnippetsinMCR2014 on Twitter

If you would like your bike project to feature in the film, then please get in touch. The more variety the better …

Cycling Snippets

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