Shaking steps

This suspiciously fun and intriguing sounding weekend was placed in good timing of the national 10:10 climate campaign.. Eco Salsa? Never thought we would hear the day! But there we were- for a whole weekend of it! It’s funny what small decisions you make in life or random conversations you have with strangers that eventually culminate in pedal powering vast ranges of Salsa as part of an equally environmentally focussed weekend. As we set off at first light to pedal our gear to the back end of Wythenshawe; a curiously furious timetable of different dancing workshops lay ahead : Cuban? Cross Body? Reggaetton? Cha-cha? Tango? It was a miracle that the dancers still had energy to jump on our bicycles but they did so with as much enthusiasm as bafflement – especially as the soundsystem they’d just been dancing to had been entirely powered by the sun! (provided by the great Songsmith Solar) Joining us on the green crusade were Transition City, Action for Sustainable Living and Plane Stupid : all enthusiastically brought together by the environment-loving Solar Salsa team who felt passionate about putting on the most environmentally friendly community dance event as possible- and why not ? ? !

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