The week leading upto this much anticipated Spring event saw days upon days of gale force winds with zero degree temperatures accompanied by lashings of inhospitable hail storms. But somehow, when Saturday came around, everything fit perfectly into place and the abandoned blue skies shone down on Platt Fields Park like some magical unexpected sun beam of reinforced support for this highly ambitious environmentally fuelled day of community action. Now in it’s fourth year, we have been lucky enough to have a presence every year and witness how the project, the ideas and the ambitions of the Envirolution phenomenon have escalated to formidable degrees.

A slight change of set up for us this year as we happily settled into our old stomping ground of the Eco Garden area of the fest; surrounded by busy wood carving workshops and community groups delivering crafty projects we set up our array of weird little bicycles [chosen especially for the smaller people of Manchester] and slammed out a collection of sun drenched songs to keep the festival goers entertained, invigorated and fully committed to their fitness induction for the day. “I’m delighted, they’ll sleep like anything tonight!” chorused relieved parents memorised by the energy levels of their little ones.

The only downside with working at these awe inspiring events is that you rarely get to sample any of the other deliverances happening all around you. Apart from legging it across site to buy delicious hot caffeine from the Coffee Cranks Co-operative, who deliver all of their salivating produces from their remarkable home built service trailer and sneaking off to buy energy replenishing vegan hot dogs from Teatime Collective, we unfortunately missed the mass of other opportunities to get amongst; from learning all about bees + figuring out how we can help them, to being introduced to all the incredible ecological volunteering possibilities across the city; with AFSL, Groundwork, The Kindling Trust, Fallowfield Secret Garden + so on, to being entertained wholly and fully on the solar powered stage, to trying our hands at the quantitude of eco arts workshops happening, well, everywhere : the list goes on + on.

Platt Fields Park hasn’t throbbed like this since the crippling departure of the large scale community events that used to happen here regularly, like Garden of Delights, Feast, and all the rest. There were bicycles locked up all the way around the heart shaped lake, excited kids bellowing backwards and forwards covered in layers of crafts and colour that they’d acquired from various stands or workshops, with inspiring deliverances after educational offerings opening up their services for free; all hugging the pulsating bright green hill that was swarming with bustling groups chatting, watching and clapping at everything that was laid on for them.

Team Envirolution are based all year round from The Boathouse in Platt Fields Park and offer regular volunteering opportunities; get in touch with them if you’d like to get involved!


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