Sorry, booking for the 2014 bike ride is now CLOSED!

This page is being left here for reference. If you have any last-minute questions, please get in touch with us – or from Monday 23rd onwards, please call us. Registered riders have been sent the PoWWow on-site phone numbers via email.

In 2011 and 2013, PoWWow Pedal Power teamed up with Glastonbury Festival to organise a guided bike ride from Bristol to the festival site, and we’re doing it again this year!

We will meet in central Bristol on Wednesday 25th June, and ride in a group to the festival. Our trained marshals will be on hand to lead the way and help out with any problems, and your luggage will travel separately in our support vehicle.

Have fun, meet other cyclists and enjoy an environmentally-friendly way of getting to Glastonbury in style!

Find out about other ways of riding to the festival on the ‘getting here by bike’ section on their website.

When and where is it?

The ride will depart from the Mud Dock bike shop in Bristol on Wednesday 25th June at 10am. Please get there by 9.30am at the latest so we’ve got time to meet everyone and make sure everything’s in order. We’ll send you a mobile number to call if you’re going to be late or have any other problems!

How much does it cost?

We need a deposit of £20 in order to secure your place on the ride. We will keep £10 of this to help cover our costs in running the ride. The other £10 can be claimed back after the festival if you come on the ride. If you like, you can donate your other £10 to PoWWow to support our voluntary work in cycling and environmental campaigning, which would be lovely and much appreciated! Deposits are paid online using PayPal.

How far is it?

The ride will be about 25 miles. It will be mostly on quiet country roads, with a bit of town traffic in Bristol, so you should feel confident at riding on-road. We will be riding in 2 groups this year – one going at a nice steady pace for casual riders, and another going a little bit quicker for regular cyclists who want to get there quicker. So don’t worry if you’re not a professional athlete or your bike is a bit clunky – there should be a pace to suit everyone this year!

How do I get my luggage to the festival?

If you want your luggage to be taken to the festival separately, a lorry will pick it up the day before the ride (Tuesday 24th June) from the the Mud Dock bike shop. You can drop it off throughout the day, any time before 6pm. It will be stored securely at the festival, and you can pick it up inside the festival once we arrive. Of course, you’re welcome to carry your luggage on the ride if you’d prefer.

To minimise the chance of mix-ups with the other organised rides once luggage is at the Festival, please feel free to print out some PoWWow luggage tags
Luggage must be labelled clearly with your name and contact details to make sure it stays safe!

How much luggage am I allowed?

1 tent and 2 bags weighing a maximum of 30kg (this weight limit includes the tent and both bags). No bags will be accepted without a zip or other fastening (so no carrier bags please!). Rucksacks are fine as long as they fasten up.

When will we enter the festival?

We plan to arrive at the festival at around 6pm. This is only a rough guess, there’s no time limit for the ride!

Where can I store my bike inside the festival?

Your bike will be stored in a secure cycle lock-up during the festival. Unfortunately you will not be able to ride it around inside the festival.

What about getting home?

A coach back to Bristol will be provided on Monday 30th June, after the festival, which is included in the booking price. It leaves at 11.30am from the coach park. Your luggage will be transported with you on the coach, and your bike will be returned separately on the next day, Tuesday 1st July, at 5.30pm, to the Mud Dock bike shop where we started. Or, if you prefer, you can make your own way back from the festival with your bike and luggage.

What do I need to bring?

  • A festival ticket – coming on the bike ride won’t get you in the festival if you don’t have one.
  • A roadworthy bike – we can make small fixes and adjustments but won’t have time for a full service. If you’re not sure if your bike will make it, please get it serviced before the ride!
  • Waterproof clothes – the ride happens rain or shine!
  • Snacks and refreshments for the ride
  • A helmet if you want to wear one
  • A mobile phone would be useful in case we need to make contact at the last minute

Any other conditions?

  • Sorry, but participants must be 18 years of age or over
  • We are here to help you have an enjoyable and safe ride, but you are ultimately responsible for your own safety so please make sure you are comfortable with on-road riding
  • Please read the other terms and conditions on the Festival’s ‘getting here by bike’ page before booking

How do I book?

Sorry, booking for the bike ride is now closed.

Any other questions?

If you have any other questions, please get in touch.

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