Wheeling-wailing in action!

Luring attempts

We thought we’d pull out some extra stops for part one of two of our pedal injections into Bike Week– by furiously finishing our new workshop combining pedal power and karaoke (appropriately named Karao-eco) to deliver + encourage the people of Chester to put down their shopping bags, let loose, sing loud + abolish all inhibitions. As part of the Cycle Chester event we were excited to join other wondrous wheeling get-ups- like Electric Pedals, who were gloriously getting people on bicycles to make tea + toast (9 people riding at once!) and Rollepaluza who were carrying out the usual roller racing pedalling carnage challenges on stage..

With micophones attached to painted broom sticks and fastened onto handlebars, people were given the chance to pick their favourite song, jump on a bicycle and sing away to puzzled looking passers by.. admittedly it was hard work convincing people to abolish their strict buying schedules to make plonkers out of themselves whilst getting increasingly ruby faced but we still managed to get lots of people pedalling the music and a couple of brave young’uns indulging in some karaoke.. We were super pleased with how well the intricate computer rig worked to form the Karao-eco (all credit to Dan, the genius computer man) + can’t wait to bring it to more festivals where we are convinced countless more people will be up for some wheeling-wailing!

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