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As part of the Free For Arts Festival– our friends at Akemi put on a truly splendid show last night at Contact Theatre. The joint was awash with a full on fascinated + intrigued audience, all intently listening (to beautiful music from the wonders of Honeyfeet + Rik Warren) or waving (LEDS about as part of a live graffiti show put on by Ragga Photo) and getting puzzled (by a human mannequin who was  being progressively manipulated by her dresser at unusual points throughout) or captivated (by story-telling, circus + experimental dancing) and of course- getting puffed out + rosy cheeked (pedal powering some hot songs). There were drawing boards and canvases all over where people were intently scribbling + scrawling, wondrous film screenings and an interactive photography project by Elle Brotherhood : COR! It surely would have been i m p o s s i b l e  to fit anything else in! Thanks Akemi + we look forward to working with you again!

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