It’s lucky that we set off with all our kit on our rickety bamboo bike trailers a few hours too early, as we spent Sunday morning lost in Salford getting directed between suspiciously wrong event to another; with blaring hyped up trance music + garish extortionate rides we could only hope that we were definitely lost. Eventually we found our little haven of eco bliss, tucked up there away in the Lower Broughton estate. We launched ourselves into the space with appreciative enthusiasm + rigged up our jukebox for the day. An unusual set up we’d found ourselves in as it seemed impossible that there would be anyone arriving to the event any time soon. Once an abandoned urban wasteland, this site has been transformed into an instant evolving arena of positivity. Using old huge water butts for growing platforms, the local community have been invited to look after their own mini allotment, showcasing a plethora of unlikely shoots sprouting up to the Salford skies. This day was all about celebrating the eco initiative, inviting others to become involved and to generate fresh ideas for the next projects to be lined up. Out of nowhere, hoards of families swarmed onto site + we were instantly busy attempting to get to grips with the music of today : “Is that the name of the song or the band?” I would blurt out whilst trying to take requests from the kids of today. Soon enough though, we figured out the pop trends + were delighted that the kids were massively enthusiastic to keep the tunes rolling with their feet [as opposed to “I’m not pedalling to T H A T rubbish music” ~ a.k.a our favourite Balkan bands]. Guetta, Bieber, One Direction, we’re in there now. The day was baking, but the requests kept coming in + a fully successful day was had. Families were slowly leaving armed with hanging baskets, planted up wellies + free growing kits as an air of positivity filled the late afternoon skies. It took us another few hours to get home, what with all the punctures but as usual, all completely worth it. Thanks to the Broughton Trust for having us along at your event and good luck with the continuations.

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