Fancy Town Hall carpets and rusting bicycles; a wonderful visual

So out in the snow we went, skidding and slurping our way on the treacherous roads to the Town Hall, our precious kit clinging onto ropey trailers for dear pedal-power life. But arrive we did! And a fine honour it was to scrape our muddy filthy bicycles through the immaculate grand corridors of this prestigious building. It was Manchester Well Being; a celebration and evaluation of a project which binds a cluster of community led, health inspired groups branching right across Manchester from north to south. Groundwork were laying on some appropriately festive willow-weaving, Manchester Young Lives were laying on some brilliant fitness sessions and Playback Theatre were inviting people to share personal and somewhat difficult stories about health issues past and present for their actresses to deliver impromtu and captivating regales of selected tales….and there we were; injecting our own idea of healthy entertainment into the proceedings. Brilliant- because most of the people who got on the bikes experienced a long lost reunited love with the pedals and promised to go home and scrape out their old wheels from basements and dusty unused corners of the garage…

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