It was one of those all round biking affairs that make you sit back on your saddle, power a custom made bicycle horror film and beam your vision around the community cycle loving evening that is buzzing all around you.

~~Bag It : Beaming Bicycling Success~~


The evening twinkled in golden sunlight as PoWWow and The Manchester Film Co-op set up our unusual outdoor living room. Sprawled all the way up to the lake, our rows of found seating implements promised a good turn out. “How many people are you expecting?” asked my partner in pedal crime, as I kept adding… Read more »

Summer Weeks


Way up high in the north Cumbrian rolling hills, we chugged our pedal wagon onto site + pitched up camp for two weeks. Three yurts appeared and an inventive kitchen was rigged up, all of the creative materials you could ever imagine soon started appearing + then came the kids…..


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Creatures of the Night : A Pedal Powered evening of H O R R O R It started like this

The I Bike MCR mini fest : A P P R O A C H E S

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Hold onto your handlebars, it’s going to be incredible. Find PPP getting amongst it all throughout the biking week of horrific magique   COME GET INVOLVED, EVERYBODY WELCOME!



ComeĀ  + enjoy an enchanting mid-week treat + watch an amazing film! Music from 8pm, film around 9pm (as soon as it’s dark enough) WOW- what a way to watch a brilliant film- beneath the natural canopy of a mini forest : with an incredible choice of tree stumps or bicycle saddles for seats. Bankey’s… Read more »

> > Pedal Powered Cinema @ Lost + Found Festival < <


We were delighted to be given a chance to launch our freshly built pedal powered cinema at Lost + Found Festival- an exciting new festival of performance and impromptu art which was randomly popping in unlikely locations across the city for a week, to surprise + delight the accidental audiences. On trams + in basements… Read more »

**Call for : Submissions of short films**

Call for : short film submissions

Oh joy! The evenings are getting warmer + we can play out on our bicycles later wearing t-shirts and alas, set up our brand new pedal powered cinema rig and show some beautiful films at dusk. Smash pedal wollop, for sure it will be the power of the feet that enable this enchanting weekend of… Read more »