//Lower Broughton : E C O uprising\\


It’s lucky that we set off with all our kit on our rickety bamboo bike trailers a few hours too early, as we spent Sunday morning lost in Salford getting directed between suspiciously wrong event to another; with blaring hyped up trance music + garish extortionate rides we could only hope that we were definitely… Read more »



TheĀ  evening before on the twinkling Friday evening, we had all gathered around the park to indulge in a not so saucy key swapping party. It was more of a bicycle merging affair. We were given tags to attach to our bicycle keys, which we then threw into a hat. Who knew what bike you’d… Read more »

~Pedal Powered JUKE BOX+home-made bicycle trailers~

Yes! We built our own trailers!!

It took us a few community gigs to realise that the young lads + lasses of today weren’t impressed at all by our strange musical choices: “why would we wanna pedal to hear that rubbish?”- fair enough- so we thought we’d give them an incentive to pedal.. Pick your favourite song off our jukebox list-… Read more »