~~Bag It : Beaming Bicycling Success~~


The evening twinkled in golden sunlight as PoWWow and The Manchester Film Co-op set up our unusual outdoor living room. Sprawled all the way up to the lake, our rows of found seating implements promised a good turn out. “How many people are you expecting?” asked my partner in pedal crime, as I kept adding… Read more »


Bag It

Every month, lots of the bikers of Manchester meet at the Central Library in town at 6pm. They ride around the city winning back the roads, if only for a few hours. Every now and then, PoWWow will put on a little event to form the end of the great bike ride and this month… Read more »

//Lower Broughton : E C O uprising\\


It’s lucky that we set off with all our kit on our rickety bamboo bike trailers a few hours too early, as we spent Sunday morning lost in Salford getting directed between suspiciously wrong event to another; with blaring hyped up trance music + garish extortionate rides we could only hope that we were definitely… Read more »



The week leading upto this much anticipated Spring event saw days upon days of gale force winds with zero degree temperatures accompanied by lashings of inhospitable hail storms. But somehow, when Saturday came around, everything fit perfectly into place and the abandoned blue skies shone down on Platt Fields Park like some magical unexpected sun… Read more »

—ENVIROLUTION : returns : 18th June to PLATT FIELDS PARK!!—


WOW, we thought last years Envirolution was exciting, but now that this year it is returning once again to our beloved Platt Fields Park we are brimming with biking joy! It’s going to be cozily lurking amongst the green trees, herbs + tranquil space of the appropriately named  Eco Garden-



A brief time-out from the I Bike MCR mini fest led us to Envirolution : Contact Theatre’s EXTREME ECO event blissfully placed on a spectacularly sunny Autumn Saturday; which we were super happy to get to spin sounds in (whilst watching a waste sculpture being progressively created).  It seemed as though every single Manchester based… Read more »

**e c o : weekenda : supporting the 10:10 campaign**

Shaking steps

This suspiciously fun and intriguing sounding weekend was placed in good timing of the national 10:10 climate campaign.. Eco Salsa? Never thought we would hear the day! But there we were- for a whole weekend of it! It’s funny what small decisions you make in life or random conversations you have with strangers that eventually… Read more »

**Stockport Loves Bikes**

Stockport loves Bikes Front

5th June is World Environment Day, and Stockport will be celebrating with its “Stockport Loves Bikes” event in St. Peter’s Square.

**serious shake stepping at school d i s c o**

Hundreds of kids rocking it to d i s c o !

Sustrans is the UK’s leading sustainable transport charity. Their vision is a world in which people choose to travel in ways that benefit their health and the environment. Every day working on practical, innovative ways of dealing with the transport challenges that affect us all. Their Bike It scheme is currently operating a HUGE drive… Read more »