We took a little trip down to Oxford, O city full of bikes for the weekend and on our way into town we stopped off at Oxford Brookes University to rig up a bunch of bikes in the impeccable gleaming and studious lecture theatre. It was part of Sustainability Week, which we were delighted to… Read more »

Happy Winter Wheeling

Xmas PoWWow

As the ice creeps in and the darkness enfolds our velos, we wish you all a happy winter of wheeling and look forward to pedal powering with you all in 2014. A whole new year of bicycle generated community fun and splendour, we can’t wait!  

North West Velo Fest : NEXT WEEK


June marks a WHOLE MONTH of bicycle splendour; what a lucky town we are! Find out everything you need to know about it here.



Delighted to be firmly back in the country long enough to take up our usual stance at our 3rd Envirolution, we swam our way through the day with buzzy clusters of the usual enthusiastic parky pedallers, all wanting a turn to help power the stage of the day.


small #1_Snapseed

HAPPY SPRING ! We are delighted to be back in the UK after a pretty beautiful winter at the peak of the great French Alps. Looking forward to another summer of pedal powered fueled fun.


4 copy

Au-revoir ! We are seeing an ambition through, so we will be leaving for a little bit. We’ve packed our van up, it’s filled with paint + pedal power and we’re going to live in the mountains for a bit. We will be back again when the warm winds start flowing + the flowers begin… Read more »

> > Pedal Powered Cinema @ Lost + Found Festival < <


We were delighted to be given a chance to launch our freshly built pedal powered cinema at Lost + Found Festival- an exciting new festival of performance and impromptu art which was randomly popping in unlikely locations across the city for a week, to surprise + delight the accidental audiences. On trams + in basements… Read more »

~~ A really long bicycle ride ~~

Somewhere in Sweden, I think we were lost

One of our team, our Dan, is about to embark on a really big bicycle ride. On the 4th June 2011, he + three other lads will venture far up north to the tip of Scotland to begin an intensely challenging ride right down to the tips of Cornwall : a.k.a John O’ Groats to… Read more »

—ENVIROLUTION : returns : 18th June to PLATT FIELDS PARK!!—


WOW, we thought last years Envirolution was exciting, but now that this year it is returning once again to our beloved Platt Fields Park we are brimming with biking joy! It’s going to be cozily lurking amongst the green trees, herbs + tranquil space of the appropriately named  Eco Garden-