Overwhelmingly so, the C E N T E N A R Y F E S T I V A L  turned out to be the monstrously magnificent event it was anticipated to be- the dark clouds lingered, hesitated- then left- to part + be kind to us on this historic occasion. Hundreds of happy faces milled + thrilled their way around the intimately, superbly programmed site; full of puppets, gorillas, ingeniously choreographed temporary shows, insane strolling performers, some s e r i o u sly spectacular live music from around the world- A N D – the bandstand returned!!

We were getting a pedal on for the best part of both days… + it was g l o r i o u s to see little people’s faces b e a m with amazement (+ later pride) at powering this unlikely order of songs (eclectically picked to merge in with the marvellous array of multicultural influences that so joyeously drench the park)- all the way round and through + through this event was a masterpiece! !

3 Responses to “* * One hundred years of (cycling in) Platt Fields Park * *”

  1. Alis 'dishpanhands' McCabe

    Hey Anna

    Next time how about a cycle generated dishwasher??????????
    Then I won’t spend all weekend washing up!!!

    Alis x

  2. Kirsten "soup lady" Warren

    Or a pedal powered blitzer for the soup!!??

  3. Alis 'dishpanhands' McCabe

    …..or pedal powered pump for the lake?????

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