WHAT a week for the wheeling world of Manchester : one WHOLE WEEK of ferociously full bicycle induced mayhem appropriately named CYCLOGEDDON; leading us nicely to Halloween.  Splurged across the city-each day brought a new free invitation designed to lure fresh students into the free world of communal-cycling F U N. We wanted to be a part of it as much as possible- what with us also being obsessed with everything bicycle related- especially when the festival was launched in Platt Fields Park with an amazing afternoon of Autumnal sunshine fuelled Bicycle Polo for Beginners. Pedal powered musique had to accompany this great vibe for sure… Horror rides, bat detecting rides, monster Critical Masses and Bike Terror treasure hunts around the city were all stupendously attended and enjoyed by many- as well as the highly atmospheric Roller Racing and Cyclist Supper evening where we also cranked out some p. powered circus music to get people in the performance zone.

We are so so lucky to have I Bike MCR in this town we live in : how many people would find themselves in a dark tunnel on Monday, with a bat detector on their bicycles on Tuesday, in a bin on Wednesday, spinning their limbs like a  speed spook on Thursday, riding around the city dressed as a monster on Friday, racing up hills on a Saturday and solving high speed spooky challenges ransacking the city dressed as a robot on Sunday ? ? ?

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