The  evening before on the twinkling Friday evening, we had all gathered around the park to indulge in a not so saucy key swapping party. It was more of a bicycle merging affair. We were given tags to attach to our bicycle keys, which we then threw into a hat. Who knew what bike you’d get to ride from the comedy line up on offer. Dozens of excited people would then mill about once chosen their key for the next ride + would then clink about the frames attempting to find the lock that fit the key. We spent a few hours switching bikes + meeting new people, then we went for beers in the setting sun [but not until everyone had had a go on the tandem]. Saturday evening it was our turn to put on the party as we hesitantly rushed away from the afternoon’s entertainment of the Bicycle Olympics in Whitworth Park. The sun was once again a deep burnt orange pigment as we set up our event for the evening, complete with mirror balls, lanterns and orange flashing lights. Dusk set in as we fired up the vegan BBQ and buzzed around the park, pedal powering our new jukebox set up; mainly DJ’d by Leo, the eight year old kid. We stayed until the early hours + forced ourselves to pack up the enchantingly beautiful evening; a great full crowd of bicycle loving wonders. Here’s to many more, the summer is here! Thanks to The Spokes for having us amongst your great Velo Fest.

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