We were delighted to be given a chance to launch our freshly built pedal powered cinema at Lost + Found Festival- an exciting new festival of performance and impromptu art which was randomly popping in unlikely locations across the city for a week, to surprise + delight the accidental audiences. On trams + in basements of shopping centres, a full wack of culture was drenching the streets, finishing off the week with open air opera and pedal powered short films made by local film makers. Upping our rig to a four bike set-up was also another first- making it a really social + interactive occasion- chatting with other cyclists + decidingĀ  whether we like the films or not. Friday + Saturday nights saw the cinema in action, participating in the ‘Lost’ part of the festival out + about in town and then finishing with the ‘Found’ part + returning back to Contact Theatre, from which the project has been running from.

Watch one of the films we showed here, it’s a stop motion made by the amazing Elle Brotherhood, a local artist generating creative bliss all around the city.

Keep a look out for more PP cinema events – we’re planning a huge weekend in October (so that we don’t have to twiddle our thumbs till 10pm to commence viewing!) : inviting all creatives to get involved- to perform, make films, VJ, make installations, dress-up, whatever you want to do…. we’ll be illuminating Platt Fields Park + bringing the new dark evenings alive! Get in touch if you fancy getting involved..

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