Pedal Powered Juke Box

Our Pedal Powered Juke Box provides D.I.Y involvement from the people on the pedals– but participants also choose their favourite song, attempt to pedal power it throughout with no sound cut outs + receive a mystery prize at the end if they manage it! We are in the process of building a comedy, oversized Jukebox rig to accompany this project that people will hopefully be drawn to from the other side of a field!

This rig is suitable for all ages- with a range of bicycles to cater for all sizes and carefully chosen tracks designed to tickle everyone’s musical tastes; however, we are also always keen to invite people to plug in their own devices to instigate a feast of cycle-music-sharing; essentially launching the cyclists as the new pedal powered DJ phenomenon- a title that always goes down well!

Some of our previous events:

Ladybarn Park Recycling Event 2010

Get in touch if you’d like our to hire our jukebox for your event, or check out our other projects.