Yes! We built our own trailers!!

It took us a few community gigs to realise that the young lads + lasses of today weren’t impressed at all by our strange musical choices: “why would we wanna pedal to hear that rubbish?”- fair enough- so we thought we’d give them an incentive to pedal.. Pick your favourite song off our jukebox list- but you’ve got to pedal if you want to hear it.. It worked great (shamefully highlighting our age; “is that the title of the song or the name of the band?”). It was strange to be working in a park away from our beloved Platt Fields- but still good to get amongst a  local community vibe going on at this event in Ladybarn…

We were so PROUD to test run our recently finished home-built bicycle trailers- no more shameful taxi journeys or filthy van hires will be necessary for us to get to gigs anymore-HOORAH! We packed + ratchet-ed our heavy equipment to them feeling super nervous that a terrible accident was about to happen, then cycled not much faster than walking pace to the nearby park but soon arrived BEAMING that they had loyally held up to the challenge + more importantly that we hadn’t had to rely on those pesky fossil fuels to get us there!

We can’t take credit for the incredible design of these trailers- they were originally built by a guy named Nick Lobnitz who has also founded the revolutionary Carry Freedom trailers.. The home-build designs we have worked from were made for third world and developing countries to enable them to transport trading goods, tools and produce around- made from accessible materials- literally: bamboo, nuts + bolts, wheels= perfect trailer. Nick very kindly shared his kit design plans with us and we’re sure he would share them with any other people who would like to do good things with bicycle trailers..

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