Pedal Powered Karaoke

Pedal Powered Karaoke is a fantastically funny way to get people on the bicycles! The whole set up; from our low energy computer with screen for the lyrics and PA is powered from the pedals. We have thousands of songs for people to choose from, with microphones attached to the handlebars it creates endless fun for the participants, but perhaps for the spectators more so! Towards the end of the songs it starts getting really interesting– because if you want to sing louder, you’ve got to pedal harder!

Our Karae-Eco rig is suitable for all ages- with a range of bicycles to cater for all sizes and carefully chosen tracks designed to tickle everyone’s musical tastes. Up to 4 people can ride and sing, though we usually find that it’s not only the cyclists who launch themselves into the songs!

See some previous events:

Karao-Eco at Girl Guiding Centenary Celebration 2010
Karao-Eco at Cycle Chester

Get in touch if you’d like us to bring Karao-Eco to your event, or check out our other projects.