Pedal Powered Sound System

From a single bike to a full 4-bike rig, our 200W pedal powered sound system can provide 100% green energy to power music in every shape and form. It is the responsibility of the people on the pedals to keep the self-made atmosphere rolling and creates a wonderfully enriched environmental education alongside making new friends in pedal powered parallels, getting fit and of course having loads of fun!

The non-committal element of this rig is great for festival/busy environments as cyclists can jump on + off the bikes and ride for as long as they wish.

Some of our previous events:

Eco-ustic @ Manchester University

Envirolution @ Contact Theatre

Bike: Fabulous @ The Arndale Centre

Sustrans School Disco

Get in touch if you’d like our to hire our jukebox for your event, or check out our other projects.