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The standard had been set the night before when the whole of the Castlefield Arena became jam packed swarming with lucky participants of an astonishing free aerial spectaculare. Ginormous screens hosted gyrating harnessed springing dancers, interacting so spectacularly with the mind blowing content of the visuals; in short – CLIMATE CHANGE; brought alive + to the surface, for once, impossible to ignore.

The weekend, brought to you by X-Trax; an organisation devoted to celebrating the extents that outdoor performances can create – we were very honoured to be invited to join in the fun.

Day two and three was where we came in, probably slightly less spectacular, but a marvelous marvel nonetheless. Piccadilly Gardens on a Saturday is usually somewhere you’d definitely want to avoid, but today it was taken over by rolling evolving feasts of state of the art street theatre for everybody to enjoy or participate in if they wished. People were certainly welcome to take over the show at our funny little set-up. Yes, why not sing your heart out in the middle of a shopping frenzied city centre, on a bicycle, with lots of people watching [and singing too].

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