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Well, it’s been a long time coming – but we have finally been given permission to go ahead with our eagerly anticipated [ultimate biking] project in Platt Fields Park.

Introducing : Platt Fields Bike Hub : a space designed to host various community focussed bicycle projects.

This is your official invitation to our launch event.

Stage 1 launch

The contract came in two weeks ago and tomorrow – we open. You can imagine it’s been a bit of a busy time! All hands on deck and we’ve starting rejuvenating the space in the old Boathouse that we hope will evolve into an all thriving buzzing community space with bike lovers from across the spectrum – using and sharing its resources and passing on skills to help a chain of shared interest and development.

Check out our sister website for more information on what’s going to be happening there.

We would love suggestions / feedback / expressions of interest. Email us :

Otherwise – we hope to see you on the 25th and beyond!

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  1. Alan Wardle

    Thanks for your help today. I had a puncture and was pretty clueless – the chap was so helpfull and had loads of good advice. Can you get a database of interested cyclists and do some guided rides from Platt Fields perhaps? When is the next bicycle maintenance course so I may have a chance of fixing my next puncture? Thanks again Alan Wardle

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