The Spokes Bicycle Dance Troupe

The team at Platt Fields Park were all very excited when the Envirolution crew established plans to lay on their environmental extravaganza festival within the luscious green borders of this fine heart shaped space. Huge circus tents and imaginatively creative  interesting stands began, fascinating workshops and discussions started stampeding into action and the wonderful familiar clusters of diverse groups of people began showing their great faces to get involved with the extensive menu of the day. There were even blue skies beaming down onto the enthusiastic eco warrior brigades of Manchester, encouraging everybody along the way to show off their interests + swap ideas, skills + passions. We were firmly grounded in the entertainment zone with our four bike rig; powering exciting local bands, poets, comedians, DJs + story telling – alongside the very honour of pedal powering the sound for the Spokes Bicycle Dance Troupe [pictured] ; always a good sign when there’s queues to get on the bicycles!

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