I N  B R I E F : Post Critical Mass pedal powered party in the dark- with fire + lanterns + vegan BBQs + high vis dancers- November 09

I N  F U L L : Out in the deep dark depths of Platt Fields park, we light lots of candles and drill final holes in the training stand used to complete our pedalpowered get-up +subsequently launch PoWWowPoWer to full illuminated effect. Irregular sounds fly across the wintry expanse of the park as we await the arrival of magical swarms of peddlers completing the final stretch of an icy November Critical Mass. Out of the black expanse we see multiple mini flickerings of bicycle lights as the Mass find us and all of a sudden we have clusters of enthusiastic legs ready to test run our green generators and crank out some Eco sounds. Recycled car tyres circulate a rusty fire pit we’ve got going torching off-cuts of reclaimed mural jigsawed mis-fits whereby rosy cheeked riders huddle to re-introduce heat to their hands. Hand-built willow mushrooms join a line of rusty can lanterns + spiralled LED flashers to encourage some discodancing steps where high-vis’d tango dancers perform some super twists.  BBQ is lit dishing out some vegan hotdogs + slurps of beer distributed; conveniently served chilled as a result of this season we’re in and of course, all in the presence of the loyally pedalled rollers + intermittent charming loss of lavish songs when the human powered electricity momentarily rest drumming home to the park that it’s the pedal pushing that makes this sound system work!

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