Way up high in the north Cumbrian rolling hills, we chugged our pedal wagon onto site + pitched up camp for two weeks. Three yurts appeared and an inventive kitchen was rigged up, all of the creative materials you could ever imagine soon started appearing + then came the kids….. Around sixty elated wonderful children turned up early on Monday morning for endless days of making, playing fun. It is Summer Weeks, and pretty much anything goes. The lucky kids are encouraged to do whatever workshops they want, for as long as they want. With green woodworking, theatre and arts workshops, game playing, shelter building, campfire cooking, ceramics constructing, musical makings and adventure orienteering; there’s no way these kids could run out of things to do. All week, we made snippets of films in an attempt to capture the wonderful creativity that seemed to be intensifying as the week progressed and on the Big Thursday Night Camp Out, we surprised all the kids with a special pedal powered screening of the film we’d been editing deep into each night in order to get finished on time! It really was incredible watching their expressions, and made all of the furious slicing and dicing of the footage very worth while. Then, it was time to move sites for week #2, and do it all over again!


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