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Who are we?

we love bikes

PoWWow Pedal Power is bicycle generated soundsystems for festivals and community events.

It is bicycle themed community mural paintings and digital art projects

It is creating community cycling cohesion across this great city.

We love pedals, people and paint and where possible, try to fuse all three.



Bikes and music are two great things. So why not power one with the other?

We've made bicycle powered generators that any bike can be 'plugged' into and anyone can have a go on. Perfect for community events and festivals that need amplified music. We can also power small bands, a cinema and if you're feeling brave - a karoke system to pedal and sing at the same time. 


Bikes and paint are also two great things, so why not bring these brilliant things together as well?


We paint community murals across the city - in schools, parks and open spaces to celebrate cycling and healthy living. The groups we work with are involved with the murals from design to completion, so that everyone has ownership over the finished creation.


community cycling

Manchester is becoming a very exciting place to ride a bike at the moment and we want to help make it even better!

This space is to celebrate some of the existing community cycling initiatives in the city as well as looking at a few that we have set up ourselves.

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