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The first MCRWomen Bike project started in 2015...

WE welcomed almost 100 submissions from across Greater Manchester and we ran it as a friendly competition with prizes, closing parties and big rides at the end. This time around we’ve adapted it to suit the wretched pandemic - no competition [we need unity and level playing fields more than ever right now] and to be realistic, probably no snuggly end of project parties. But - restrictions allowing, we’ll be able to put on some friendly group rides when the spring flowers start showing. 


More than twice the amount of men cycle than women in the UK! 


Why just applicants identifying as female? Firstly this project is kindly supported by the International Women’s Day Grant and secondly - women and girls are still unfortunately grossly underrepresented in the cycling world - both domestically and professionally, so this project is a small nudge in the direction of celebrating our new and existing cycling women, their accompanying groups and hopefully giving those that need a platform to share stories, projects and form new connections with one another.

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Justsome of the fabulous things you'll get for taking part:


  1. Contributing towards a unique exhibition showcasing the fantastic biking achievements of women across Manchester and sharing all the reasons why we get on our bikes

  2. To help inspire other women and girls to bike, whether for the first time or more regularly. 

  3. To help promote women biking - encouraging greater investment in safe spaces to ride, greater biking opportunities for women and girls, better choice of women’s cycling gear and more equality both on the road and in the sport. 

  4. All photographs will be exhibited in multiple exhibitions once the project is complete, with scope to print hard copies for applicants.  

  5. Raise awareness of your project / cycling group etc by sharing links and opportunities for new people to get involved in [in the space on the submission upload form]

  6. All applicants will be entered into a random prize draw to win some fabulous biking goodie bags 

  7. Scope to have your story told in an interview and shared to the MCRWomenBike community 

  8. Absolutely free to take part

  9. By taking part you will be joining the ever growing network of women bike riders across Greater Manchester. 

  10. Feel unity with your local community in this unprecedented time of seclusion

Upload your photo here! 

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