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We are Dan and Anna! For over a decade we have been working and volunteering together in the cycling sector across the city with one goal in mind - to get as many people pedalling as possible. From organising community bike festivals to working as National Standards instructors to train children and adults, to setting up community bike hubs or running cycling photographic competitions -  we’ve got involved with most things over the years in the hope that it’ll help improve confidence, raise awareness and generate great excitement for the bicycle and all of the benefits that come attached with it. Together we set up PoWWow Pedal Power as another tactic to celebrate biking and encourage more bums on saddles. We now have two small children - also on bikes - so that’s two more cyclists to add to our great city!


Alongside the various bike projects, Anna has also spent the last 15 years painting murals  with schools and community groups to create positive colourful stamps around the city.

PoWWow Pedal Power is a project based in Manchester very much interested in three things:

Check out our three main projects to find out more!

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