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Helping Sustrans to celebrate their #BigPedal fortnight, we thought it would be nice to organise two group cycles to school; each ride meeting in the middle to enjoy a bike boogy before class! This [pretty bumpy] film shows one of the rides - a bunch of buddies in reception year & their younger siblings coming along for the buzz! We think every school and work commute should look like this - especially under a fine blue sky..

After two months of welcoming submissions from folk across Greater Manchester who identify as female to send us their bike pictures, the project draws to a close. To spice up the incentive for people to come along on this cycling-reason-finding journey with me, I managed to grab some ace goodies from awesome local bike shops & projects to be put up for a prize draw. This video is simply about pulling those winners out of a hat. 5 X women, 5 X girl winners.

Filmed and edited over the best part of a year of working for CTC [Now Cycling UK] developing their Community Cycle Clubs programme from scratch across Greater Manchester. What a fantastic programme to be a part of, with every participant as unique and wonderful as the next - all with varying levels of cycling experience.

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