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Established in 2010 by Dan and Anna we set about making a pedal powered system that we could take to festivals and community events to power small sound systems.


A range of static bikes to suit all sizes are hooked onto PoWWow adapted turbo trainers which are rigged up to generate electricity - only when pedalled. Non-cyclists are also able to ride our bikes as they are fully supported on the stands.


We developed our kit over the years to create a pedal-powered cinema, jukebox and if people are feeling brave - a karaoke set up!


From a 1-4 bike set up, our pedal powered soundsystem can provide 100% green energy to power music in every shape and form. It is the responsibility of the people on the pedals to keep the self-made atmosphere rolling and creates a wonderfully enriched environmental education alongside making new friends in pedal powered parallels, getting fit and of course having loads of fun!


The non-committal element of this rig is great for festival/busy environments as cyclists can jump on + off the bikes and ride for as long as they wish

juke box.jpg

Pedal Powered Juke Box provides the same D.I.Y involvement from the people on the pedals– but this time participants choose their favourite song, attempt to pedal power it throughout with no sound cut outs.


This rig is suitable for all ages- with a range of bicycles to cater for all sizes - so long as we're not too far off grid, cyclists are welcome to choose any tune they like.


karaoke flat.jpg

Pedal Powered Karaoke is a fantastically funny way to get people on the bicycles!  The whole set up; from our low energy computer with screen for the lyrics and PA is powered from the pedals. We have thousands of songs for people to choose from, with microphones attached to the handlebars it creates endless fun for the participants, but perhaps for the spectators more so! Towards the end of the songs it starts getting really interesting– because if you want to sing louder, you’ve got to pedal harder!


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